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EXAM_2_study - Proposals raising teacher's salaries o this...

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Proposals: - raising teacher’s salaries o this would attract more qualified teachers o starting salaries now are around $28 thousand versus $53 thousand for computer science majors o 700,000 new teachers are needed in the next years to fill positions in urban schools o this would give teachers more of an incentive to teach their subject which they specialize in o NYC was able to do this successfully in 2002 o 1 in 5 teachers leaves the profession after only 3 years; those who leave are more likely to have been in the top of their education class when they graduated o ¼ of all high school classes are taught by out-of-field instructors – teachers who did not major in the subject they are teaching - school choice o gives the ability for parents to send their kids to school where ever they feel the child will get the best education o this puts the schools themselves in competition with each other o the best school will attract the most students, bringing also the most teachers o the quality of education will go up because schools will compete for the best teachers so they attract the most students; in turn providing better education, which would lower the dropout rate o
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