BIO 349 Syllabus - BIO349 Developmental Biology (49751,...

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BIO349 Developmental Biology (49751, 49752, 49677) Spring 2012 MWF 1-1:50pm Room NOA 1.124 Stefanie Leacock, PhD, Instructor Office: PAT203 Office Hours: Tues. 1-2pm, Wed. 10-11am or by appointment Email: Jackie Norrie, Teaching Assistant Office: MBB1.318 Office Hours: Tuesday 2-4pm, or by appointment Email: Overview : Our study of developmental biology will focus on the genes and processes that allow single cells to become embryos with germ layers and then develop into animals with complex tissues and organ systems. We will focus on model organisms that are well-suited for the study of specific processes or tissues. By the end of this course, you will be able to: Describe the processes that allow a single cell to form a multi-cellular animal Compare and contrast the role of conserved genes and signaling pathways in animal development Predict what experimental approaches might best be used to answer developmental questions Explain how the study of developmental biology is relevant to human health Required Textbook: Developmental Biology , S.F. Gilbert, 9th edition BIO 325 Genetics Attendance Policy Attendance is strongly recommended. In my personal experience, I have become a better scientist at least in part by “immersion” – attending lectures, seminars, and presentations. As you “immerse” yourself in scientific language, you become better able to speak and understand it. Therefore, there is no substitute for time spent in class! Discussion sections are conducted by the Teaching Assistant. You are not required to attend a discussion section, and you are welcome to attend any of the listed discussions. The Teaching Assistant will review topics covered in lecture, supplemental reading (papers), and/or study questions. Discussion Section Times: Mondays 8-9am, 9-10am, 10-11am Room PAR 103 Blackboard There is a Blackboard website at You will need your UT EID to access this site. I will post class announcements, the course syllabus, supplemental readings, and useful figures for lectures. We will also use the discussion section of the site for answering questions. Email will be used as a means of communication with students. The student email notification policy can be found at
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BIO 349 Syllabus - BIO349 Developmental Biology (49751,...

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