HIS 340R Syllabus - History 340R and ANS 340R- European...

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History 340R and ANS 340R- European Empires in Asia Unique #s HIS 39310, ANS 31710 Gail Minault MWF 10-11, UTS 4.110 Textbooks Required: Barbara Metcalf & Thomas Metcalf, A Concise History of India (2 nd edn.) D.R. Sardesai, (6 th edn.) Daniel Headrick, Tools of Empire Thomas Metcalf, Ideologies of the Raj Bernard Porter, The Lion’s Share (4 th edn.) Thomson, Stanley, and Perry, Sentimental Imperialists (on Blackboard) One of the following: Rudyard Kipling, Kim E.M. Forster, A Passage to India George Orwell, Burmese Days J.G. Farrell, Siege of Krishnapur One of the following: Multatuli (Edward Douwes Dekker), Max Havelaar Pramoedya Ananta Toer, This Earth of Mankind Y.B. Magunvijaya, Durga! Umayi Graham Greene, The Quiet American Outline Maps of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) and Southeast Asia (Indonesia) for the map assignments will be distributed with the map assignment sheets. History 340R covers the great age of European empires in the 19 th and 20 th centuries, when European powers established their rule over much of the rest of the world. We will look at British rule in India and Malaya, Dutch rule in Indonesia, French rule in Indochina, and American rule in the Philippines and involvement in Vietnam. We will also look at relations between Europeans and local peoples in terms of cultural contact, economic exploitation, and political domination, and the results of such relationships for both the Europeans and the Asians they ruled. The results, as we shall see, were far-reaching and are still with us today. We will also look at the 20 th - century process of decolonization, as the old reasons for imperial domination lost their force, and as new national identities emerged in Asia. Requirements for the course include the assigned readings, 2 map assignments, 2 book reports, a mid-term exam, and a final take-home essay. For specific directions concerning book reports and map assignments, see separate sheets. Some readings will
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HIS 340R Syllabus - History 340R and ANS 340R- European...

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