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Cap Stone CheckPoint - I would use critical thinking in...

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Running head: CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 1 Capstone CheckPoint Shannon Greenwood CRT/205 January 26, 2012 Shannon Shaw
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CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 2 Capstone CheckPoint In the future I think that thinking critically will influence the way that I read because I now have the tools to better analyze what I am reading. I can better spot the arguments within a piece of writing and break them down easier. Writing I think will have the same effect but just in the reverse. I will be able to take a stance and back it up with sound arguments. I think that learning the difference between sound and valid was good for me because so many people believe that a valid argument means something that it doesn’t. Processing information is also the same as reading. This class has made me look at a lot of things differently. I can spot some rhetorical devices in places that I wasn’t able to before and learning the many different types of them has made it easier to filter through what are actually facts and what’s not.
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Unformatted text preview: I would use critical thinking in articles to determine if the source is creditable or not, I could also look for bias, sometimes if an author is bias on things his article could have misleading information. Critical thinking can be used in advertising to see if the advertising company has valid or sound claims. It can also be used to evaluate to see if they are using persuasive rhetoric devices in order to persuade people to buy something. In media, I can use critical thinking to see if the source is credible, find out if they are using any type of bias language, and look to see if they have a valid argument with supporting details. Conversations I can use critical thinking by reading between the lines. Also I believe that conversation is important in critical thinking because you get to utilize certain tools that you wouldn’t normally get to use in print, such as listening to a person’s tone of voice. CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 3...
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Cap Stone CheckPoint - I would use critical thinking in...

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