Taking a position - I was in a similar situation at my job...

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Running head: TAKING A POSITION 1 Taking a Position Shannon Greenwood CRT/205 November 17, 2011 Shannon Shaw
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TAKING A POSITION 2 Taking a Position The key issue from the comic strip is whether or not Anita should ignore what her co- worker is doing and get in on the action herself or if she should report her co-worker to her Human Resources department. Anita does not immediately take a position on the issue. She suspends judgment until the next day. She seems as though she is surprised by this information, but says she has to think about it and does not act on it until the following day. I believe that when looking into the issue, Anita’s position is based on moral value judgment. It is wrong to steal and that is essentially what her co-worker is doing. She takes action as a result of taking her position. She chooses to call her Human Resources department to report her co-worker to tell them what has been going on within the office.
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Unformatted text preview: I was in a similar situation at my job. I work for a small family owned business and there are only the 2 owners, myself and another woman in the office. The owners keep a large amount of money in the unlocked petty cash drawer. They do not really balance the drawer, just take what the need and replenish when it gets low because no one goes is supposed to be in there except for the two owners. The other woman that worked here knew this and she was taking small amounts of money out of the owners were not in the office. I told her it was not right and she should not do this anymore and if she did I would notify them. Some of the considerations that helped me come to this position were that it is wrong to steal and if they discovered money was missing I did not want to be a suspect. Also, the people I work for are very good people and I did not feel right knowing they were being stolen from. I immed...
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Taking a position - I was in a similar situation at my job...

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