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Appendix E Hardware-Software Components

Appendix E Hardware-Software Components - Associate Level...

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Associate Level Material-Shannon Greenwood Appendix E Hardware/Software Components In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components Legacy systems A legacy system is the actual computers and the computer programs that a company chooses to use. Mainframe computers Mainframe computers are no longer used. They were very large and took up an entire room. Companies could only get to them through a special engineer. They were responsible for inputting all data and then the managers would tell them what reports were needed and these engineers would get them. No manager or anyone else in the company knew how to use the mainframe. Microprocessors Microprocessors were very small and each person could have a computer on their desk using a chip to program it to do what they needed it do. These could not work alone, and did not replace the mainframe. PCs Personal Computer. This is a tower, screen, printer, mouse, and keyboard that all work together through an operating system.
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