ETH 125 Indentifying Race and Ethnicity

ETH 125 Indentifying Race and Ethnicity - example. Lets say...

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Running head: DEFINING RACE AND ETHNICITY 1 Defining Race and Ethnicity Shannon Greenwood ETH/125 September 13, 2011 Mercedes Doris Ruiz
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DEFINING RACE AND ETHNICITY 2 Defining Race and Ethnicity To me race is something that you can’t help. It is simply the way you are born. It is your physical appearance such as skin color and facial characteristics that determine which race you belong to. Ethnicity on the other hand, is not the physical traits but the social traits that are shared by a certain group of people. Some examples of things that would determine your ethnicity are religion, traditions, language and nationality. A person can only belong to one race but may have several ethnic associations. A good way to differentiate between the two is through
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Unformatted text preview: example. Lets say a person identifies themselves as Hispanic, that would be their race. If you dig deeper they can be Puerto Rican, Mexican or Spanish just to name a few. That would be their ethnicity. I think that these concepts are extremely important to society in the United States. They are even more important to the United States than any other country in the world. Individuals from all over the world have migrated here because of the freedom we have. Having so many different races and ethnic groups is what holds our society together. I think if you are open to the change and embrace the many different backgrounds that people have it will make you more intelligent as a person....
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ETH 125 Indentifying Race and Ethnicity - example. Lets say...

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