Implicit Association Test

Implicit Association Test - Running head CHECKPOINT...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST 1 CheckPoint Implicit Association Test Shannon Greenwood ETH/125 September 23, 2011 Mercedes Doris Ruiz
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CHECKPOINT IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST 2 CheckPoint Implicit Association Test When I was prompted to select a test I decided to take the skin-tone IAT. The result I received was the following, “your data suggests a moderate automatic preference for light skin compared to dark skin.” I am not 100% convinced that these test results are valid. I understand why they received the results that they did but I feel like I got used to answering on a certain side then they changed the sides. The instructions also say to answer quickly so I felt like I was rushing and I got a few wrong. I feel that no matter what the images were I would have had the same results. For example if dogs were replaced by the light skin and cats by the dark skin I feel as though I would have had a preference for dogs even though I know I don’t like dogs. Maybe they are correct and I just don’t want to admit it to myself because I like to think that I view
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Implicit Association Test - Running head CHECKPOINT...

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