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Reading and Comprehension

Reading and Comprehension - and 31 seconds to read and it...

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Running head: READING AND COMPREHENSION 1 Reading and Comprehension Shannon Greenwood GEN 105 October 26, 2011 Carol Jackson
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READING AND COMPREHENSION 2 Reading and Comprehension Summary Find something interesting that will captivate your audience. Look further than the basics. Stay focused on what kind of speech you are giving. Keep all information relevant. Quality outweighs quantity. Practice makes perfect. Recite your presentation out loud several times before it is time to go in front of the audience. Make sure it all flows together. Use visual aids, just don’t overdo it. Keep it serious and interesting. Something that will stick in the minds of your audience. Be thorough, don’t use fancy words and explain anything that isn’t obvious. Introduce yourself, but don’t give an autobiography. Only use slides of emphasize key points, don’t rely on your slides for the whole speech. The article “8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation” took me 3 minutes
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Unformatted text preview: and 31 seconds to read and it contained 580 words. Using the calculation on page 140 of the text in Chapter Four, I figured out that I had read 165 words per minute. My approach to reading this article was to take my time and absorb the information. Sometimes when people are being timed they tend to read fast like it is a race to finish with the fastest time, but I wanted to make sure that I maintained my normal reading speed. I read this article during my lunch break at work. I have an hour long lunch break and everyone else in the office goes out to lunch so I was alone. I minimized distractions by shutting my office door so if there was anyone in the building they would not just walk in my office. I also READING AND COMPREHENSION 3 turn my phone to voicemail and put my cell phone away while working on schoolwork during my lunch breaks....
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Reading and Comprehension - and 31 seconds to read and it...

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