Using the Proper Tone

Using the Proper Tone - classmate or an instructor you want...

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Running head: USING THE PROPER TONE 1 Using the Proper Tone Shannon Greenwood GEN 105 September 23, 2011 Carol Jackson
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USING THE PROPER TONE 2 Using the Proper Tone Tone is very important part of written communication. It will provide your audience with a suggestion of how you feel about the topic in which you are writing about. There is a time and a place for everything and your tone and how you convey it will change based on who your audience is. For instance if you are talking casually with friends or family you can be much more relaxed in the way you format your message. You can be more creative with different font colors and sizes. You may use a larger red font to show that you are angry, but when writing to a
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Unformatted text preview: classmate or an instructor you want to keep it basic with a black or navy font. There are also emoticons that can help your tone show through in writing, however you don’t want to over use them. I think that emoticons are ok to use everyone once in a while in the forums, but not in an assignment that you send to the instructor. No matter whom your audience is you also want to make sure that your writing comes across as approachable so that other students will want to respond and get a discussion started. By being creative with formatting via visual enhancements and carefully choosing your words you can become a more successful online communicator....
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Using the Proper Tone - classmate or an instructor you want...

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