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Allison Lee - Allison Lee SOCL 2501-Section 1 In your words...

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Allison Lee SOCL 2501-Section 1 2-28-11 In your words: chapter 6 In the readings of chapter 6, it discusses the fact that using the UCR data should be viewed cautiously because it is using crimes only know by police. I agree with this statement that there are numerous of crimes that go without ever being discovered, or could be reported after the fact of the crime. I can personally relate with social problem. While in high school, there were a group of girls who decided to threaten and violate my friend Rachel and I. Since she was the ex-girl friend of one of the other girls, and posed a “threat” they decided to make our lives hell by treating us and damaging our property. We let it go for a while until they decided to egg and flour her car, which was in parked in her driveway, meaning they were trespassing and damaged her property. We notified the police about that incident, which was months after the fact, when the girls were taunting us.
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