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Allison Lee SOCL 2501 3-15-11 Chapter 7: In Your Words The topic of my discussion is not fully being able to understand exactly why/how the military is allowed to discriminate/discharge men and women because of their sexual orientation. I do understand that the cultural norm is of homosexual orientation, but if an individual is willing to serve their country, why discharge them? I would assume that they have done no wrong, knowing they should with hold a certain composition. Being gay does not affect your abilities to do something; more of less serve your country for the better good. If there were such a situation where more than half of the military were heterosexuals, would the military let them go, thus being less “strong”. In the book, it even states that the federal government has laws that ban discrimination. If the federal government has placed laws outlawing sexual discrimination, what gives the military the right to bend the rules? Even though peoples differences in their sexual orientation have
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