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Allison Lee SOCl 2501 4-2-11 In Your Words: Chapter 14 The topic that I am choosing to discuss is homelessness. The reasoning behind why I choose this topic is because I witness homelessness many times before. Living in Houston, TX, seeing homeless people is quite common. I also have an aunt that lives in San Francisco, CA, visiting as a child and walking down Fisherman’s Wharf, almost half the people I would see walking were homeless. It is quite unfortunate and sad seeing homeless people because I know I have a home and food to eat. Just last week, I actually saw a girl take food out of the trash outside Hobby Lobby. She was not dressed in dingy clothes, so I was unsure if she was in fact homeless, but what would any other reason be to dig in the trash for food? Before the reading, I knew that homelessness was as issue in the United States, but I was not aware that there was that big of a number of people in the United States that were homeless. I was also not aware that there were programs to help
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