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class notes 1 - SMLM142 Specialist Translation Business...

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SMLM142 Specialist Translation Business Texts CIoL areas: Accounting Banking Commerce Economics Export and import trade Finance Insurance Marketing Management Business texts What unites all of the areas covered by the Institute of Linguists is that business texts are about money, making money or exchanging money (or goods). Therefore, overall they have a particular operative function, which is often maintained (if the translation is to function in a business context too). Features of business texts Usage of neologisms Business texts in English feature a marked usage of neologisms, frequently created through derivation of existing terms (or shift of word class) and/or fusion of existing words. For example, a depression, recession or crisis is nothing new, but the term credit crunch has been coined for the current economic problems. Note the ready use of derivation in many areas with terms such as credit-crunching prices, price crunch
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  • Spring '11
  • OlgaCastro/XuzhuangLi
  • Acronym and initialism, business texts, neologisms Business, neologisms Business texts, Business Texts CIoL, particular operative function

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