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Article-PPD225 - Alexander Muhr PPD-225 Moody Article...

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Alexander Muhr PPD-225 Moody April 24, 2006 Article Analysis Paper Bureaucracy: The Necessary Evil Bureaucracy is something that has developed a negative connotation due to how complicated it is not only to understand but also to make everything in government work. The perception of government being slow and convoluted, a place where nothing can get done on time or efficiently. A large factor for this is the actual structure of the government, which strives for a system of checks and balances. What people do not normally realize is that our very own policeman, teachers and firemen are all bureaucrats. They act on the ground level to implement at their discretion, the policy that is given to them by the politicians. The idea to take away is that even though a bureaucracy is complicated and confusing, it is needed to not only develop policies and carry out incrementalism, but also make our own lives safer. Two years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger made the case for his election to “blow up” bureaucracy throughout California. Paul Light, a New York University professor says, “He’ll find that digging out waste in government is more difficult than lifting 1000 pounds 20 times.” California is unique due to a variety of factors in the world of bureaucracy, namely Proposition 13, which sets a boundary on property taxes, and the “state’s populist sentiment,” which is the fact that basically every decision is voted on by the state’s elected officials. 1
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With this situation in place it is quite difficult to actually get anything of significance completed in the state. Government bureaucracies face many external forces and constraints that a private organization does not need to worry about at the same level. Firstly, the distribution of revenues is something that each department competes for, and with the limited amount of taxes coming from a normally large cash generator such as property taxes, creates a “bottle-neck” effect where many parts are scrambling for only few dollars. Next, the actual decisions about how the process will act out for a given project are debated to no end until everyone, in every party, is satisfied enough with the predicted result. Lastly, bureaucracies only really act when the context and society dictates that there is a problem. Due to so many issues being on the table, politicians can only afford to act on issues that are in the public eye, especially in California with the limited dollar flow and fickle public eye. One example that illustrates how a bureaucracy works is in a seemingly innocent bathroom that needs to be built in Elk Grove Regional Park to cut back on the use of portable toilets in an environmentally sensitive area. After being approved by the Elk Grove Community Service District’s board of directors, the concept of a bathroom being placed in the location needs to have a study prepared.
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Article-PPD225 - Alexander Muhr PPD-225 Moody Article...

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