The Daikon Invariant Detector User Manual_ 9. Troubleshooting

The Daikon Invariant Detector User Manual_ 9. Troubleshooting

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[ < ] [ > ] [ << ] [ Up ] [ >> ] [ Top ] [ Contents ] [ Index ] [ ? ] 9. Troubleshooting This chapter gives solutions for certain problems you might have with Daikon. It also tells you how to report bugs in a useful manner. If, after reading this section and other parts of the manual, you are unable to solve your problem, you may wish to send mail to one of the mailing lists (see section Mailing lists ). 9.1 Problems running Daikon 9.2 Large data trace (.dtrace) files 9.3 Parsing Java 5.0 code 9.4 Problems with Chicory 9.5 Reporting problems 9.6 Known bugs 9.7 Further reading [ < ] [ > << ] [ ] [ >> ] [ Contents ] [ Index ] [ ? ] 9.1 Problems running Daikon You may find the debugging flags ‘ --debug ’ and ‘ --dbg category ’ useful if you wish to track down bugs or better understand Daikon's operation; See section Daikon debugging options . See section Configuration options , for another way to adjust Daikon's output. 9.1.1 Too much output 9.1.2 Missing output invariants 9.1.3 No samples and no output 9.1.4 No return from procedure 9.1.5 Unsupported class version 9.1.6 Out of memory 9.1.7 Simplify errors 9.1.8 Contradictory invariants 9.1.9 Method needs to be implemented 9.1.10 Daikon runs slowly 9.1.11 Bigger traces cause invariants to appear [ < ] [ > << ] [ ] [ >> ] [ Contents ] [ Index ] [ ? ] 9.1.1 Too much output Sometimes, Daikon may produce a very large number of seemingly irrelevant properties that obscure the facts that you were hoping to see. Which properties are irrelevant depends on your current task, so Daikon provides ways for you to customize its output. See Daikon's command-line options (see section Running Daikon ), and the techniques for enhancing its output (see section Enhancing Daikon output ), including its The Daikon Invariant Detector User Manual: 9. Troubleshooting file:///C:/Users/tyalanf/AppData/Local/Temp/ .. 2/24/2012 12:16 PM You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer ( )
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configuration options (see section Configuration options ). The options for the front ends — such as Chicory (see section Chicory options ) and Kvasir (see section Kvasir options ) — give additional control. Some irrelevant properties are over unrelated variables, like comparing an array index to elements of the array. You should always use the DynComp tool (see DynComp dynamic comparability (abstract type) analysis for Java , DynComp dynamic comparability (abstract type) analysis for C/C++ ) to avoid producing such properties. Some irrelevant properties are not relevant to the domain (e.g., bitwise operations). You can exclude whole classes of unhelpful invariants from Daikon's output (see section Options to enable/disable specific invariants ). Some irrelevant properties are over variables you do not care about, or are in parts of the program that you do not care about. You can exclude certain variables or procedures from Daikon's output (see Processing only part of the trace file and Options to enable/disable derived variables ).
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The Daikon Invariant Detector User Manual_ 9. Troubleshooting

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