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503: Program Analysis Assignment 1 Due: Wednesday, January 6 at 10:30am In 1–2 pages, list several difficulties that you often encounter during software development — design, implementation, documentation, testing, maintenance, or otherwise. For each such difficulty, discuss the underlying cause. Is there some way that tools could help? Below are some examples (you should come up with your own). Your list need not be nearly this long, but each item should be more substantial. Discuss the problem: motivate why people should care about it, explain why it is not easy to solve or work around, speculate on why no one has solved it to date, and brainstorm some possible solutions. Submit this assignment in a single file (text, HTML, PDF). This will facilitate sharing them with the class. In dynamically-typed languages, it is easy to apply illegal operations to data, and for such errors to be latent for long periods until some input exposes them. Even if easily reproducible, they might be exposed only after other long-running computations, making them difficult to detect. This sort of error
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