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CSE 503_ Software Engineering_ Program Analysis

CSE 503_ Software Engineering_ Program Analysis - CSE 503...

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CSE 503: Software Engineering: Program Analysis Winter 2010 Meetings: MW 10:30-11:50, room MGH 238 Lecturer: Michael Ernst TA: Todd Schiller Software is becoming ever more complex and difficult to understand, at the same time as it is used ever more pervasively. It is hopeless to understand how software systems work (or why they do not work!) without automated assistance. Programmers need tool assistance during design, implementation, testing, debugging, and modification ("maintenance"). This graduate seminar will investigate a variety of program analysis techniques that address these software engineering tasks. Static analysis topics include abstract interpretation (dataflow), type systems (including inference and non-standard type systems), model checking, decision procedures (SAT, BDDs, etc.), theorem-proving. Dynamic analysis topics include testing, fault isolation (debugging), model inference, and visualization. While the course focuses on the design and implementation of program analysis tools, the material will be useful to anyone who wishes to improve his or her programming or understand the state of the art.
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