GEOL 101 pg.57-84 outline

GEOL 101 pg.57-84 outline - February 6 pg.57-84 Continental...

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February 6 – pg.57-84 Continental Drift Hypothesis: a supercontinent, Pangaea, fragmented into separate continents that then drifted apart, moving slowly to their present positions through a process called SEA-FLOOR SPREADING. Sub-duction: in order for the circumference of the Earth to remain constant through time, ocean floor must eventually sink back into the mantle – and continents move towards one another. Theory of Plate Tectonics Evidence for Continental Drift - WEGENER Fit of the continents- like a jigsaw puzzle Location of past glaciations: When a glacier moves, it scrapes sediment off the ground and carries it along. The sediment freezes into the base of the glacier so the glacier becomes like a rasp and grinds exposed rock beneath it. Rocks protruding from the base of the ice carve striations that indicate the direction in which the ice flowed. Distribution of Equatorial Climatic Belts Distribution of fossils: animals existed on different continents. Matching geologic units: identifying a distinctive group of rocks In support of his proposal of continental drift, Wegener notes that coastlines on opposite sides of oceans matched, and that the observed distribution of ancient glaciations, climate belts, fossils, and rock units
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GEOL 101 pg.57-84 outline - February 6 pg.57-84 Continental...

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