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O Konkwo is warrior of Umuofia clan in Nigeria Haunted by actions of cowardly father Unoka Has a son Nwoye who he finds lazy Takes charge of boy Ikemefuna and finds a ideal son in him – is fond of him but will not show affection During week of peace, Okonkwo accuses wife Ojiugo of negligence – beats her and breaks peace of sacred week. Ogbuefi Exeudu (elder) informs Okonkwo in private that the Oracle has said that Ikemefuna must be killed. Okonkwo should not take part bc the boy calls him father. Walking with men of Umuofia, Ikemefuna thinks about seing his mother. One of Okonkwo’s clansmen attacks the boy, Ikemefuna runs to Okonkwo for help, Okonkwo who doesn’t want to look weak – cuts down boy despite the Oracle’s admonishment. Okonkwo sinks into a depression, neither able to sleep nor eat. He visits his friend Obierika and begins to feel revived a bit. Okonkwo’s daughter Ezinma falls ill, but she recovers after Okonkwo gathers leaves for her medicine. A musical instrument the ekwe announces death of Ogbuefi Exeudu. At elaborate funeral, the
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