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DRAM 155 _ Final _ Kushner’s Dramaturgy

DRAM 155 _ Final _ Kushner’s Dramaturgy -...

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Kushner’s Dramaturgy: Magic Realism Sweeping fin de siècle play Postmodern fantasia in ideas and expression Episodic narratives in dialectical relationship Characters embody the contemporary spectrum Literal and lyrical planes in playwriting and staging. Focus: roles of reality and imagination in the process of change. Style = imitation/immersion/identification - you can differentiate style by these 3 characterisitics - how the play imitates or mirrors the world - how much we are encouraged to enter the world of the play/feel along with the
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Unformatted text preview: characters-American styles-naturalism (Hansberry)-Variations o American Modernism (Williams) o Realism (Wilson) o Magic Realism (Kushner) Plays-Bacchae-Lysistrata-Hamlet-Tartuffe-Heddda Gabler-Miss Julie-The Importance of Being Earnest-The Good Woman of Setzuan-Waiting for Godot-A StreetCar named Desire-Fences-Angels in America: Millennium Approaches Additional Subjects-Melodrama-Farce-American Acting Drama & Theatre-Aristotle in Theory & Practice...
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