DRAM 155 _ final _angelsinamerica

DRAM 155 _ final _angelsinamerica - A Gay Fantasia On...

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A Gay Fantasia On National Themes Gay relationships are going to be present Fantasia – freeranging and not limited, artistic, wider application Wilson’s Dramaturgy: American Realism Poetic realism Explores American structures of class, gender, economics Interrogates race Merges personal and political Characters reconceive themselves through moral choices Focus: personal renewal through social action Promise of self determination. There is hope of positive change. (except for Troy) American Drama 3 A Streetcar Named Desire [A Raisin in the Sun] Fences Angels in America o Contains a lot of humor – such like Oscar Wilde o Challenges – absurdist o Questioning about where America is going o Its not an up to date play like Streetcar Named Desire o Society that is fractured and fragmented o Hard to identify mainstream American culture o Sub cultural groups stay with their own groups Roy thinks that is definite social hierarchy
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DRAM 155 _ final _angelsinamerica - A Gay Fantasia On...

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