DRAM 155 _ Test1 _ Aristophanes’ Dramaturgy

DRAM 155 _ Test1 _ Aristophanes’ Dramaturgy...

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Aristophanes’ Dramaturgy Formal context/semi-formal structure o The setting is a little loose o One scene doesn’t always grow out of another scene like in a drama -> not always cause and effect o Theme and variation -> different directions Everyday characteristics Political focus Wide comic spectrum o Slapstick comedy o Verbal comedy o Refined intellectual humor o -> Comic perspective on life Utopian closure o Happy ending and conclusion Finale of Dirty Dancing All together in harmony at the finale Collective identity for what they’ve lived through
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Unformatted text preview: The incorporation of individual into community and also a sense of dynision renewal Community that is more potent and fertile Sexuality Difference between the ending of Dirty Dancing and Lysistrata? Baby seems to be liberated while Lysistrata retreats back into societal roles o Baby joins in within the dancing and festivities -> learns place in film End on utopian note of unity. Personal freedom and empowerment - discovery...
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