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DRAM 155 _ Test1 _ Aristophanes’ Dramaturgy

DRAM 155 _ Test1 _ Aristophanes’ Dramaturgy...

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Aristophanes’ Dramaturgy Formal context/semi-formal structure o The setting is a little loose o One scene doesn’t always grow out of another scene like in a drama -> not always cause and effect o Theme and variation -> different directions Everyday characteristics Political focus Wide comic spectrum o Slapstick comedy o Verbal comedy o Refined intellectual humor o -> Comic perspective on life Utopian closure o Happy ending and conclusion Finale of Dirty Dancing All together in harmony at the finale Collective identity for what they’ve lived through
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Unformatted text preview: • The incorporation of individual into community and also a sense of dynision renewal • Community that is more potent and fertile • Sexuality • Difference between the ending of Dirty Dancing and Lysistrata? Baby seems to be liberated while Lysistrata retreats back into societal roles o Baby joins in within the dancing and festivities -> learns place in film • End on utopian note of unity. • Personal freedom and empowerment - discovery...
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