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DRAM 155 _ Test1 _ notes - 19 Drama 115 Professor Kable...

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January 12, 14, 19 Drama 115 Professor Kable It’s Greek to Me Vocabulary Mimesis= “imitation” o Humans are hardwired to impersonate as it is a tool to gain knowledge Drama/Greek DRAN = “to act, to do” o Physical and emotional action = external and internal actions o Continuous action that carries through it o Dramatic action is carried out in different ways by specific works and time periods Theatre/Greek THREATRON = “seeing place” o Is not a completely verbal experience o Scenic design, props, visual design, communicative design of space Aristotle’s ”POETICS”– talks about drama and breaks it down. Breaks play down into 6 elements. (335 BC) Classical Modern Plot Plot Character Character Thought Theme Diction Language Music Rhythm/Acting Spectacle Stagecraft Drama is about interpretation Hollywood’s Romeo and Juliet o Speaking at each other o A lot of hand gestures o Older actors o Black and white video Romeo and Juliet o Younger actors- unfamiliar feeling of love and romance o Speaking to each other o More close-ups in video zoom-private time o Only Romeo knows that Juliet is of the competing family. Leonardo Decaprio version o Juliet and Romeo learn about each other at the same time. Plot, character, and language were the same. Themes, rhythm/acting, stagecraft were different.
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Mimetic Arts Drama Object Theatre Process Text Artifact Performance Event Literature Finished Production Fluid Preservation and Possibilities Interpretation and Impact Liminality: comes from anthropology; a threshold/boundary/line; drama and theatre are the divide between fiction and reality; we know its fake but it seems to have truth; art isn’t just a mirror of life but theatre can be a direct representation of life; theatre is changing and alteration – for example, performers choose paths to change themselves; we know its rehearsed but there is an air of honesty and sincerity. Identification:
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DRAM 155 _ Test1 _ notes - 19 Drama 115 Professor Kable...

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