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DRAM 155 _ Test1 _ test1notes

DRAM 155 _ Test1 _ test1notes - • Irrevocable...

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NOTES-not on note cards Bacchae Notes Themes Power by force and pure determination of will is not a good thing. Euripides is almost predicting the fall of Athens and of collective doom. Reinforces the Dionysus inside us -> we must not ignore it and we must accept it. As Dionysus plays with the lives of humans for the people to acknowledge his power. Reinforces the nature of tragedy that explains the horrible events o f the play. Was this the only road that Dionysus could take to reinforce his power? Euripides’ Dramaturgy (poetic universe instead of ordinary life) Formal context and structure - chorus, setting High status - characters always have high social status Heightened language – written in verse
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Unformatted text preview: • Irrevocable circumstances – once the characters are set in actions, there is no way around it. Classical hero has character attributes of passionate nature and a strong sense of will -> this extremity leads to his demise. o A destiny. • Responsibility and acceptance – the play puts the human suffering into moral context in order to accept tragedy. People own up the actions. o Learn about place in the world and truth in us. o Pentheus’ mother owns up to killing her son • Tragicomic tone o Dark humor and moments of levity o Ex: Pentheus is dressing himself in woman’s clothes. Reversal in his role (concerned about his looks as a woman)...
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