DRAM 155 _ Test2 _ brecht

DRAM 155 _ Test2 _ brecht - Bertolt's Brecht's The Good...

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March 21, 2011 Bertolt’s Brecht’s The Good Woman of Setzuan Brecht Epic Theatre He is thinking about how to make theatre more purposeful with different techniques than other authors o Merge art and science Epic Theatre: Theatre for a Scientific Age Review Style = imitation/immersion/identification Modernist Styles Naturalism (Ibsen) o To make audience feel with characters o The play is like real life The 4 th wall illusion Anti-Naturalist Styles: Expressionism/Supernaturalism (Strindberg) o Difficult to associate with characters o Revolt against conventional naturalism in theatre Comedy of Manners (Wilde) o Aren’t meant to illicit emotional connection o Superficial naturalism – the focus on how society rules on regulations o To make manners outlandish and ridiculous Epic or Dialectical Theatre (Brecht) o Attempt to break shackle o Doesn’t resemble Strindberg Drama or Wilde Comedy o Attempt to move beyond naturalism o Experience play from different prospective. o He deviates from other authors because he thinks their tools are SELF- DEFEATING Because Ibsen uses style of naturalism, the stage is so persuasive that audience accepts what happens and fate is set in motion. o Attempt to revisit theatre of antiquity – to break strangle hold of naturalism Because naturalism is dominant role in theatre o Brecht thinks that theater needs to remind people that they are watching a play – to want a partial allusion Pay attention to what theatre is intended to do The more immersed you get in naturalism and the persuasiveness – the more you miss the point of the play Lost in empathetic and emotional responses
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o He’s going to find different vocabulary o He is going to regret supernaturalism of Strindberg
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DRAM 155 _ Test2 _ brecht - Bertolt's Brecht's The Good...

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