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Modern Drama 2: Expressionism Mimesis: “imitation Illusionism vs. Theatricality Modernism Realism Anti-naturalism: naturalism doesn’t go far enough Naturalism Verisimilitude – “life-likeness” Illusionism over Theatricality Anti-naturalism = Expressionism Theatricality over illusionism o Getting to inner truth o Rather than outer surface of reality PINK FLOYD FILM Expressionism tries to break boundaries o Draws attention to reality A deeper truth than what naturalistic plays can express
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Unformatted text preview: Naturalism Expressionism Material world – truth of reality Psychological/spiritual Objective Subjective Outer Landscape – the mirror of reality Inner landscape Exterior Fidelity – conform to exterior reality Journey to interior Expressionist Dramaturgy • Distorted for Subjective Truth • Compressed, Fragmented, Telegraphic • Types, Abstractions • Dreamlike, Nightmarish • Emotional States- immerse and Alienate...
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