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DRAM 155 _ Test2 _ farce - Not sophisticated –...

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Genres-broadest classifications Tragedy Comedy Melodrama Farce o Closer toward worldview of tragic o Example: 1956 The Court Jester o Broad exaggerated style o Most extreme comedy o “clown figure” – not much ability to control themselves o mirror of human condition that is less flattering o Anarchic, aggressive, subversive o Darker level of showing less flattering characteristics Not happier world of comedy o Only one banana peel away from falling on our faces o Funny because we see setbacks for other people but also suggests that we are at the mercy of circumstance o Farce is not subtle but is very broad o
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Unformatted text preview: Not sophisticated – intentionally o Grounded in human limitation, embarrassment, social awkwardness o Indulges fantasies and drives o Undermines conventional values Like being on a continual South Park o Relieves anxieties and social pressures o “The essence of farce is worry” – Sir Peter Hall o “The mechanical encrusted upon the living.” – Henri Bergson, Laughter o No Necessary Harmony or Renewal o Examples The Court Jester (1956) I Love Lucy “Vitameatavegamin” (1952) Saturday Night Live “Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker” (1993)...
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