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DRAM 155 _ Test2 _ waitingforgodot

DRAM 155 _ Test2 _ waitingforgodot - Waiting for Godot...

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Waiting for Godot – Samuel Beckett Theatre of the Absurd (Absurdist Drama) (1948-1968) Defying reason as opposed to conforming to it Things really don’t have to make sense Will never provide us with solutions, only more questions Basic illogic in experience Flirts with meaning while at the same time rejects it Free fall away from rationality Ex: Abbott and Costello (1940’s): Who’s on first? – Example of Absurdist language Who’s on first, what’s on second, I don’t know is on third The more he attempts to understand, the more confused he gets Context: Existentialism (Jean-Paul Sartre): looking at the potential meaninglessness of the world Absurdism (Albert Camus) Theatre of the Absurd (Martin Esslin): school of dramatic art; style that is defined by a critic, not a playwright Vocabulary: Absurd Sisyphus: in Greek mythology, is forced to roll a large rock up and down a mountain Situational Structure: different than episodic (many scenes) and climatic (one major action) ; end up where you begin Traditional Absurdism Plot Situation Events Stasis Meaningful activity Gratuitous acts Communicative language Impotent speech Develops meaningfully No development Interpretive tools Forms equals content Develop a dramatic story that has no story Use language and speech that usually carries the story but instead Beckett does not try to address meaning o Defy this type of expectation Characters do not debate the meaningless of life but they just live it BAMBI vs. Godzilla o No traditional plot or story
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o Static experience that is evident in rolling credit Feeling of spinning around in a circle rather than progressing forward
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