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POLI 101 - nov 1 congress

POLI 101 - nov 1 congress - November 1 2010 What is the...

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November 1, 2010 What is the basic role of Congress? = The US Constitution and the role of Congress 1. Lay and collect taxes a. The constitution was changed to be able to tax individual people 2. Borrow money 3. Regulate commerce 4. Establish rules of naturalization 5. Coin money 6. Establish post office and post roads a. Delivering the mail, stamps, infrastructure 7. Confer patents a. You can make something and claim it as yours 8. Constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court 9. Provide army, navy, and militia 10. “…to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution…all powers vested...in the Government of the United States.” How is Congress organized? 1. In the HOR, congress man are elected every 2 years. 2. In Senate, congress man are elected every 6 years. One person, one vote? Over-empowers people who are living in small states People in small states get more money One party has clear majority in HOR (in an even election) – the republicans o Because there are many districts in the country that are overwhelmingly democratic concentrated areas o The democratic vote is more concentrated than in republicans o Based on where people are living and partisanship Would there be a majority in the Senate? (in an even election) the Republicans
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