POLI 101 - nov 15 presidency

POLI 101 - nov 15 presidency - POLI 100 Active Problem...

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November 15, 2010 POLI 100 Active Passive Positive Problem solving Works flexibly and rationally Desirable (#1) Jefferson Love Seeking Too dependent on Advisors Next to Worst (#3) Madison Negative Power hungry Rigid in the face of Crisis Worst (#4) Adams Duty Motivated Effective at creating stability Close Second best (#2) Washington The presidential roles Constitutional roles o Chief of state o Chief executive o Commander in chief o Chief diplomat o Legistlative advisor Veto State of the union Roles added by Custom and Usage o Chief legislator o Economic manager o World leader o Party leader Presidential Powers Foreign policy o Can recognize foreign countries o Cannot declare war, but can make war o Can make executive agreements and (with consent of 2/3 of Senate) make treaties o But congress controls the “purse” or money Power in Domestic policy: ultimately the power to persuade A List of domestic powers Helps set legislative agenda (this power has evolved over time) o Real power to veto legislation o Party leader provides some leverage
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Nominally has control of bureaucracy o Sets the tone of budgetary requests o Appoints heads of various agencies Chief budgeter National opinion leader o Use of persuasion Emergency powers Appointment powers Legislatively delegated administrative powers Where does real legislative power lie? President. Some agreed upon great presidents Washington – stabilized office Jefferson – expanded to full political system Jackson- popular presidency Lincoln- preserved union, expanded role of president (especially in wartime) T. Roosevelt- mobilized public opinion, first environmentalist, trust buster Wilson- world leader, mobilized public opinion, power concentrator
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  • President of the United States, world leader, Integrative policy making, powers Appointment powers, agencies chief budgeter, various agencies Chief

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POLI 101 - nov 15 presidency - POLI 100 Active Problem...

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