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POLI 101 - patterson notes - November 5 2010 Poli 100...

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November 5, 2010 Poli 100 Recitation What are the roles of Congress? What are the major functions? Lawmaking Representation Oversight over other governments Why is it easy for an incumbent to stay in power in Congress? Publicity o Stay in contact with constituents Already have power-get money easier Constituency services o If you are responsible for constituents, you can provide more services because you Redistricting Pork-Barrelings Stability of district partisanship How could incumbency be bad for candidate? Misconduct in office Disruptive issues o Such as economy Turnout variation President’s party tends to lose seats in midterm elections Strong challengers/resistance (reelection as senator) What kinds of professionals are represented in Congress? Lawyers, bankers, journalists, business executives Why is the Speak of the House the 2 nd most important person in DC? Active in developing party position on issues Formal powers such as right to speak first, right to recognize members *the speak chooses the chair person and majority party members of the Rules Committee What are the powers of the Senate Majority Leader? Voice of the majority leader in the Senate Can serve to greater support and raise taxes Why are party leaders today considered more powerful than they have been in history? Party cohesion has increased over the years What do committees do?
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What is the role of the committee chairs? With the majority party o Chairman schedules meetings Determine order of meetings Reside over the discussions What is the concept of riders? Amendments that are added to bill but have nothing to do with bill (in senate)
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POLI 101 - patterson notes - November 5 2010 Poli 100...

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