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Lifetime Fitness Dietary Analysis Lab September 8, 2010 Jasmine Cho In general, I have very good eating habits. As I have transitioned into college, it has become increasingly difficult to eat the same way. In terms of my recent diet, I have not been content with my eating habits. I would like to eat more vegetables and fruits while reducing the amount of meats and carbohydrates I eat. In general, I eat three stable meals a day and try to stay away from processed foods. I would also like to spend more time exercising but I realize that will come with settling into the college life. I am not
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Unformatted text preview: accustomed to eating in the University’s dining halls yet. For this reason, I will need to teach myself not to gorge myself with food. Instead of going towards the most appetizing meals, I need to analyze what foods are good for my body and what foods I need more of in my day. As I am trying to teach myself good eating habits, I realize that these eating habits will help me as I grow older and my metabolism slows down....
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