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LFIT - flexability - Flexibility LFIT Gym science- thetoric...

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Flexibility LFIT Gym science- thetoric often spoken in gym and health clubs from unqualified individuals Myths: o there is no such thing as too much flexibility, o should static stretching always be avoided prior to athletic competition ? can be used to regain proper length tension relationship to improve postural alignment and joint function static stretching may not affect overall performance, may increase performance with other modalities dynamic stretching is better for athletes. o Is it necessary to increase tissue temperature through the use of cardio respiratory of dynamic activities prior to static stretching? It is not beneficial if one exhibits poor posture and decreased joint range of motion. Dynamic activities require increased range of motion at a joint or series of joints in order to be performed with proper posture. Faulty joint motion may occur, increasing the chances of injury Flexibility is defined as the normal extensibility of all soft tissue that allow the full range of motion of a joint. o Optimum muscular control through the entire range of motion is important aka dynamic range of motion o Dynamic range of motion: combination of flexibility and the nervous system’s ability to control range of motion efficiently. Poor flexibility = poor posture, low back pain, joint pain, increase risk of injury Flexibility training is used for: increasing joint range of motion, relieving joint stress, improving elasticity of muscles and connective tissues, improving neuromuscular efficiency (coordinated movement) and improving overall function required during daily chores and recreation activities. o
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LFIT - flexability - Flexibility LFIT Gym science- thetoric...

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