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POLI 101 - ch 1,2,3 - POLI 100 Chapter 1 and 2 Notes...

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POLI 100 Chapter 1 and 2 Notes Jasmine Cho Chapter 1 1. The American political culture centers on a set of core ideals –liberty, equality, and self-government – that serve as the people’s common bond. 2. What is politics? Politics is the process that determines whose values will prevail in society in the context of democratic procedure, constitutionalism, and capitalism and involves elements of majority pluralist, bureaucratic, and elitist rule. *The process to which society settles conflicts and decides the policies by which it will be governed. a. What are the main sources of societal conflicts? (PG 15) Scarcity and differences in values. 3. What are the three rules of American politics? Democracy, constitutionalism and capitalism. Democracy is a government that is representation of the people. Constitutionalism limits to the power of the government and ensures that government does not infringe on the freedom of the people. Capitalism is plays a minor role in economy. a. What is the purpose? 4. What are the four theories about who holds power in America? a. Majoritarianism: the control of public policy by the majority of the adult population, numerical majorities determine issues of policy b. Pluralism: the competition between various groups for influence over public policy relevant to their interests. c. Elitism: the control of public policy across a variety of policy domains by a small group of individuals (based on lots of money) c.i. Ex: Masons, Skull and Bones c.ii. *how diverse/varied are the people controlling policy. This is seen through the college attendance of presidents. d. Bureaucratic rule: the control of public policy by career bureaucrats; “policy is controlled by well-placed administrators within the government bureaucracy” 5. Politics in the US is characterized by a number of major patterns. These include
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POLI 101 - ch 1,2,3 - POLI 100 Chapter 1 and 2 Notes...

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