WMST 101 - final readings

WMST 101 - final readings - Paula Ettelbrick- Since When Is...

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Paula Ettelbrick- Since When Is Marriage A Path To Liberation (#36 Chapter 7) Marriage provides the ultimate form of acceptance for personal intimate relationships in our society o Marriage defines certain relationships as more valid than all others o It is not surprising that some lesbians and gay men among us would look to legal marriage for self-affirmation Author thinks that marriage will o Not liberate us as lesbian and gay men, constrain us, make us more invisible, force our assimilation into the mainstream, and undermine the goals of gay liberation. o Marriage does not force respect and acceptance of the choice of relationships and family diversity. “Obtaining a right [to marriage] does not always result in justice” o diminishing the constraints of gender roles. Pushing the roles of sex, sexuality, and family. “Marriage, as it exists today, is antithetical to my liberation as a lesbian and as a woman because it mainstreams my life and voice.” o “In arguing for the right to legal marriage, lesbians and gay men would be forced to calim that we are just like heterosexual couples, have the same goals and purposes, and vow to structure our lives similarly. Law provides no room to argue that we are different, but are nonetheless entitles to equal protection.” Deemphasizing our differences o She suggests that the constitution be interpreted to respect and encourage differences, pursuing the legalizing of same-sex marriage would be leading our movement into a trap. Marriage creates a two-tier system that allows the state to regulate relationships – ignoring the relationship between people such as love, respect, and need to protect “The goals of lesbian and gay liberation must simply be broader than the right to marry. Gloria H. Albrecht – Spending Time When Time Is Money (#38 Chapter 7) “As the value of time increases, so does the conflict over time…every moment is awake and every moment works.” In the new economy, flexibility is the new core value. Businesses must be able to transform, hire, and fire. o
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WMST 101 - final readings - Paula Ettelbrick- Since When Is...

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