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WMST 101 - FINAL REVIEW GUIDE - Able-bodyism disadvantaging...

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Able-bodyism: disadvantaging those who aren’t able-bodied, the “disabled” are viewed as asexual, objectified, unfeminine, etc Accomplishments of second wave feminism/first wave feminism o 1 st wave: focused on overcoming legal obstacles (voting and property rights) o 2 nd wave: addressed unofficial issues like sexuality, family, reproductive rights o Success: equal pay of 1963, title 9, illegalization of marital rape, social attitude towards women Arguments for/against “wages for housework” o For: housework contributes to profits which would be reduced if employers had to pay employees enough to hire household workers or with premise that child raising is essential work for the reproduction of state and economy o Against: being paid for housework would confine women to their homes and strengthen existing division of labor that excuse men from responsibility of sharing work. A Room of One’s Own o Written by Virginia Wolf’s – critique on women’s access to education o Women had room and money Autonomous sexuality: sexuality derived from principles of self-ownership; freedom to have or not have sex with whoever, whenever; access to contraception, education Beauty ideal/beauty myth: ideal of beauty as think, tall, young, white, heterosexual with flawless skin and well-groomed hair o Not only rare and unhealthy – often impossible Challenging sex/gender binaries o Society depicts sex as a dichotomy – 17 in every 1,000 are intersexed o Society also depicts sex as either homo or hetero. o Regulatory fictions that strengthen heterosexual and masculine oppression Codes of gender: America’s pop culture commercials normative ideas about masculinity and feminity Commodification: turning women into objects for profit or money o Prevalent in advertisement Comparable worth: when challenging inequities in pay, wage gap attributed to gender -> led to detailed discussion of comparable worth of women’s job when considered next to men’s job when requiring comparable skill sets. Consciousness-raising: form of political activism -> form of a group of people attempting to focus the attention of a wider group of people on some cause or condition Continuum of sexual violence in women’s lives: cycle of abuse Dominant beauty standards: depicted in advertisements everywhere Dominant culture: refers to established language, religion, behavior, values, etc -> becomes “norm” of society
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Domestic Violence Double shift: double day Ecofeminism/ecological feminism: o Concept of relation between masculinist social institution and destruction of physical environment o Nature often female, women are more caring about environment Examples of feminist alliance and coalition building o New York Women’s Trade Union League o NOW- National Organization for Women
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WMST 101 - FINAL REVIEW GUIDE - Able-bodyism disadvantaging...

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