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WMST 101 - more - Four Early Goals 1 Redress the exclusion...

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Four Early Goals * 1) Redress the exclusion of women’s experiences from the traditional male- defined curriculum * 2) To pose interdisciplinary questions and analyses: draws on and critiques the social sciences, arts, humanities, and sciences (historically, excluded from sciences and object of science) * Taking methods, knowledge, theories from two sources to create the best answers * 3) To be multicultural-because women’s experiences and needs differ by race, age, nationality, class and wealth * 4) Stay relevant and connected to activist and political concerns: it addresses inequality from a feminist perspective that sees ending inequality as possible, desirable, and necessary. What is Feminism? Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression. (Bell Hooks) Biological sex varies some, gender varies enormously Social construction of gender – gender changes over time, imbedded in institution, recognizable and reinforced, culturally specific (Thai and US women are very different) Beauty as: o Pain o As a condition of employment o As surgical procedure o Internalization of ‘beauty ideals’ and its connection to other ‘isms’ o Backlash of female power o The women should not be coerced to worry about appearance for survival and should not be penalized for not conforming to
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WMST 101 - more - Four Early Goals 1 Redress the exclusion...

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