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WMST 101 - oct 12 creativity

WMST 101 - oct 12 creativity - • Women have creative...

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October 12, 2010 Women and Creativity-Creating A Wave In The Mind WMST 101 Professor Berger What is Creativity? What makes women create? What do they create? To synthesize, come up with new ideas What is it? o Vitality o Innovation – creativity is not just products and processes. It is both tangible and intangible o Women have been devalued in each of these categories o Deepest empowerment o Alice Walker: survival mechanism Broader concept of creativity (Freedman) Freedman Women excluded and when participated women are lesser Women challenge good and creative work o Bring in personal work Spends time on language Literature of women judged outside importance Who gets to analyze what is great? Feminist arts movement o The context that women bring into the creative realm Gender and Creativity Western “creative” mythology is modeled upon the male experience – male genius is both model and ideal Women could not join academic or draw nude male bodies
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Unformatted text preview: • Women have creative guilt because not taking care of others External barriers • Lack of role models • Financial access • Social support Internal barriers • Selfish v self. Focused • Perfectionism • Express more doubt about ability and criticize themselves more • Ambivalence • “Go against the grain” Virginia Woolf/Alice Walker • Woolf: how is a society telling woman to act? Fictional narrator talking about the role of women in literature, what is written about women doesn’t match women’s experiences o Relationship between economics and independence o 1929 makes US think about responsibilities • Walker: o How did African women keep creativity when they did event hold own selves? o Holds space for “our mother’s garden”? o *Guilty o When people go oppressed, where does creativity go? Who does she think she is? • Tensions between motherhood and creativity...
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