WMST 101 - sept 28 eating problems

WMST 101 - sept 28 eating problems - September 28, 2010...

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September 28, 2010 WMST Lecture Women’s Bodies-Eating Problems Warm-up Questions Dr Carolina Heldman asks: “What might disappear from women’s lives if they stopped seeing themselves as objects?” What would you list include? Whites Only? Forever Young? Always Able? Always Heterosexual? Always Rich? Ideal standards of beauty are critiqued as: o Ableist (R.Thompson) Females bodies are seen as disabled body. Interested in comparison – how did female bodies become inferior to male bodies. View disability through feminist lens - Female bodies lacking what male bodies have Western culture infantilizes and idealizes disabled women. o Ageist (Women’s Lives) Defy natural processes of aging As women age, self-esteem increases and have gained success. Maintain youth through extreme means Get depressed as they struggle with conflicting norms o Racist (Webb, Cofer, Chung. A Girl Like Me, Weiner) Dominant beauty standards are racially dominant toward white women. Webb’s essay: she is a supermodel and talking about feminism, modeling didn’t create the objectification of women, there is diversity in perspective in feminist ideals, think about how you critic and who you critic, there is an individual respond that needs to happen – if women feel tyrannized then women need to do something about it.
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WMST 101 - sept 28 eating problems - September 28, 2010...

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