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History140 Mid - Amy Ivin History140 Mid-Term 1900s in...

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Amy Ivin History140 Mid-Term: 1900s in general Keynesian Economics- (1) 1900s. macroeconomic theory of the 1900s based on the ideas of John Maynard Keynes. Argues that private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic outcomes and therefore advocates active policy responses by the public sector , including monetary policy actions by the central bank and fiscal policy actions by the government to stabilize output over the business cycle . Ideas demonstrated in The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money which was published in 1936. Advocates a mixed economy. Served as economic model at the latter part of the Great Depression and World War II. Can be seen through government plans now even like the stimulus plan. Priming the pump…gov make public investments to jump start a stalled economy. These investments would restore public confidence (2) Brought about search for this model from GD. Represented a new stage of capitalism in which the state would play a prominent role. National Fronts: See FLN Algeria NLF: Vietnam- modeledd on Viet Minh0 united front org meant to appeal broadly to osuth vietnamese including peasnats students. Ho Chi Minh. Won broad support. HO Chi Minh trail- NLF used this . attacked Diem in south. Built on successes of Viet Minh. Played role in 1968 Tet offensive/ 1940s: Pan Africanism- idea went back to early 1940s- Nkrumah- (Ghana’s first president) dream of uninting africa politically economically and miliarily. He hoped they would recognize common bonds and work togeher to undo divisions that Europeans had imposed. Permit creation of armed force and create an African market to finance own development. Sturdiest of Nkrumah’s dreams,. A speech by Nkrumah lead to the creation of Organization of African Unity. . OAU still exists and idea of continent with common intrest in cooperation survives as well 1941 Viet Minh: 1941- Ho Chi Minh was head. Vietnamese independent League- united front organization. Controlled by communist party. Anti french, anti japanese resistance group. Central to defeat of french in 1954. Played large role in First Indochina war. Concentrated efforts on north. Appealed to peasants. FRENCH, JAPANESE, REOCC BY FRENCH, US 1944 1. Bretton Woods Agreement- (1) 1944. Took place in Bretton Woods NH. Keyes joined Harry Dexter White. Gov called the conference to hammer out basis for postwar economic system. 44 countries sent reps but USSR did not. British and Americans were fully in charge. How the postwar economy would function and evolve. 28 nations signed it. Major achievement was to lay down a new system for capital flow that took the place of the gold standard which was abandoned at the outset of the Great Depression. US dollar became main currency- basis for establishing value of all other currencies. Also established two stabilizing institutions- World Bank and IMF. IMF- preserved currency convertibility and avoided gov imposed exchange controls. Meant for the short term. World Bank- promote recovery of war ravaged economies (2)
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History140 Mid - Amy Ivin History140 Mid-Term 1900s in...

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