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Amy Ivin 04-06-2011 Enough: Recitation “The great paradox of Africa confronting the Sasakawa team was how a continent rich enough to serve as the womb of our species could slip so far behind the rest of the word…Despite Africa’s amazing biodiversity, very few of the plants and animals in the world that ultimately proved most successfully amenable to domestication were native to Africa.” I never really realized that Africa does not seem to really have one main crop that provides a good portion of calories. As pointed out in the book, rice and soybeans came from the Asian region, corn, potatoes, and tomatoes came from the Americas, and the ancestors of wheat and barley came from the Middle East. Although these foods eventually made it to Africa, they arrived a little too late, at a point at which agricultural development in Africa was lagging
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Unformatted text preview: significantly behind the rest of the world. “On their (the Portuguese’s) way out, resentful at leaving a country they felt was theirs the Portuguese poured cement down the air-conditioning shafts of a new luxury hotel being built on the Indian Ocean coast outside the capital of Maputo, rendering it uninhabitable. They drove their cars into the sea. They even took the keys to the national bank.” While the more powerful countries of the world should help the ones in need, this shows how one country set another one back dramatically. While the country had enough problems emerging from colonization, the Portuguese made no attempts to ease their transition. While in power, they had held all the positions of nearly all low and high paying jobs. Thus, when they left the natives had to start entirely from scratch....
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