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domestic issues carter - conserve energy • Installed...

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Relationship with congress Carter administration Hamilton Jordan and Frank Moore feuded with Democrat House Speaker O’Neill from the very beginning Petty fights o Unreturned phone calls, insults, unwillingness to trade political favors Had a “hit list” of 19 projects he told congress would veto o Congress thought he was encroaching on their power Congress wouldn’t pass Carter’s consumer protection bill and transformed his tax plan o Carter called members of congress “ravenous wolves” Energy Crisis Stemming from the OPEC embargos and reduced supplies of oil Carter convinced Congress to create the United States Department of Energy to
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Unformatted text preview: conserve energy • Installed solar power panels on the roof and wood stoves in his quarters • 1980, Established synthetic fuels corporation to produce an alternative to imported fossil fuels Concerns over Air Pollution • National Energy Act and Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act to encourage energy conservation and develop renewable energy such as wind and solar energy o prevalence of cogeneration plants, which produce electric power and steam • Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act created 103 million acres of national park...
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