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James Yang Election Ads Similarities Similarities between the two ads would that they both use America’s fear of communism and the Russians to their advantage to persuade the public to vote for them because they can stop it. They both display children in danger of communist attack or conversion and emphasize this importance to save them. Also, the two ads do not mention the opposition and only state that the voters should vote for them. Differences In the We Will Bury You ad, Goldwater is actually on camera and makes his speech, making it more relatable for Americans to their President. Also, he uses more of a patriotic
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Unformatted text preview: approach with the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Goldwater wants to save them from the communism threat and even uses Khruschev directly speaking. Lastly, his theme is more hopeful, stating that America is the “country prepared as no country in history ever was”. On the opposite side is the Daisy Ad of Johnson’s which emphasizes the actual lives of the children that would be saved. Also, he utilizes god in his method and has a more serious tone. He quotes that the people can “love each other or die” and there are “high stakes” making the future seem ominous unless he is elected....
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