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isolation-intervention - nations to become more...

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James Yang Isolationist or Interventionist; What role should America have in the world? America has become more of an interventionist nation in the past years, but the safer and more secure choice would to be pursuing isolationism. America experienced firsthand the risks of interventionism when Britain colonized North America, ruling America and forcing it to pay and trade whatever Britain wanted. America was forced into a Revolutionary War that resulted in huge amounts of lives lost, and Britain lost not only its colony, but also a valuable trading partner beneficial to its economy. The Monroe Doctrine wished for America to protect Latin American countries, but the deeper meaning was for European nations and Latin American
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Unformatted text preview: nations to become more isolationists because America knew the troubles that could result otherwise. There is no reason to take the risk of entering international affairs, putting in danger everything the country has simply to promote a belief or idea. Helping to find the solution to a global issue is different because the entire world is affected; however, interfering on the part of another nation can very quickly turn perilous, making enemies even if the intentions are well meant. For America to prosper in a secure environment, isolationism should be pursued....
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