13 answers to help master employment interview

13 answers to help master employment interview - 13 good...

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13 good answers to help you master even the most grueling employment interview By Theodore Pettus SAVVY! MAY 1981 p.42-43 Most job—hunters make two devastating mistakes when they are being questioned in an interview. First, they fail to listen to the question . They proceed to annoy the interviewer either by answering a question that wasn’t asked or by giving out a lot of superfluous information. Second, and more important, they attempt to answer questions with virtually no preparation . The glibbest person on earth, even the most skilled debater, cannot answer questions off the cuff without damaging his or her chances of success. What follows are a number of questions that various surveys have indicated are asked most often, regardless of the job classification. Study them carefully, develop strong responses, and your candidacy will receive prime consideration. 1. “Why do you want to work here?” Because you have done your homework on the company, you know exactly why you want to work there. All you must do is organize your reasons into several short, hard- hitting sentences. “You make the best product on the market today.” “Your management is farsighted enough to reinvest the company’s profits so that soon you will be the leader in the category.” 2. “Why should I hire you?” The interviewer asking this question does not want a lengthy regurgitation of your resume. She is not yet asking for a barrage of facts and figures. She is interested in testing your poise and confidence. Give her a short, generalized summary
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13 answers to help master employment interview - 13 good...

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