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assignment 2 - 8 My principle resume enhancement activities...

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Assignment #2- Worth up to 10 points Due January 20, 2011 by 330PM Answer questions at "I" Incorporated Answer the following questions and then write one sentence on the lesson of this assignment (for those of you from New Jersey- What is the Point?). 1. I am known for two things: 2. Next year I will be known for two more things: 3. My current project is provocative and challenging to me in the following ways: 4. New learning in the next 30 days include the following 2-4 items: 5. My local, department, state, or national visibility program consists of the following 2-4 things: 6. Important new additions to my PDA or iPhone like product (we used to call this a rolodex (ask your parents) in the last 90 days are: 7. Important new relationships in the last 90 days include:
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Unformatted text preview: 8. My principle resume enhancement activities for the next 60-90 days includes: 9. My resume is specifically different than last year at this time in three ways: 10. If you were a company what one ability would you look for in a potential employee? For these questions fill in the matrix and email to me by date with “matrix” in subject line Last name______________ First name______________ Fill in the following grid: I like me because The Payoff for my of my ability to: employer is: 1.____________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________ 3_____________________________________________________ 4.____________________________________________________ 5.____________________________________________________...
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assignment 2 - 8 My principle resume enhancement activities...

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