Assignment 6

Assignment 6 - Assignment 6 Due Jan 28 by 10pm The elevator...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 6 - Due Jan 28 by 10pm - The elevator speech. Be prepared to do a 60 second elevator speech selling yourself (live in class) Create an elevator no more than 60 seconds. JCPenney Elevator Speech- From Florida State University Retail Newsletter Imagine you are in an elevator and our CEO just walked in. He recognizes you and says, "I was curious, tell me who you are again." To be prepared for this nerve-wracking moment, the Miller Center for Retail hosted a workshop, Preparing Your Elevator Speech. An elevator speech is the most powerful and concise description of you, your company, your department; it's your value proposition. The room was filled with over 50 students waiting to hear the new JCPenney recruiter, Kazem Moghtader, advise them on how to formulate the most powerful, concise elevator speech. Before the presentation began, Gainesville Store Manager Scott Boyer, and Ocala Store Manager Robert Moore, handed everyone a 3 x 5 index card to practice writing their own...
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