best business books (2)

best business books (2) - Good Business Books from the past...

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Unformatted text preview: Good Business Books from the past year or so you May have Heard Of (or Not) Good Business Books from the past year or two that you might want to read (or Not) Everything you need to know about call/contact centers are not only found in books and articles about contact centers. That is why the we will scout and scour the field of business books looking for the new and unusual the old and forgotten and the new and not known. We will look for books that educate and entertain (without forcing you to gain weight). If you have a book you think deserves mention please email us ( ) the title and we will take a look. You want to write a review please feel free to submit one. (Decision of the judges is final). If we like it we will put it on the web. If we like it a lot you will get a Purdue trinket (ranging from key chain to T shirt to sweat shirt to an endowed chair in Contact Center Management in your name ( It will have to be quite a good review for this award). (Of course a good review and a pledge of 30 million gets you the complete prize package). By the way if you dont think a book can make a difference recall the paradigm shift that Tom Peters and Bob Waterman caused by In Search of Excellence in 1982. Reviews are my opinion and I am Richard Feinberg ( Orbiting the Giant Hairball Gordon MacKenzie I have a feeling that few of you have read this one but it is on my personal favorites shelf. The bookwell the book really cannot be described but if I have to it is about nurturing and accepting those in our organizations that orbit the organization a bit further away than the rest of us. Creativity and innovation come from these orbiters. The book is very funand illustratedand if you are the right mind and spirit quite insightful. Here is the essence: Good to Great Jim Collins The book is the holy grail of recent business books by one of the premier thinkers of present day. Here is a summary: Jack: Straight from the Gut Jack Welch and John Byrne Being at the right place at the right time or a business geniusyou be the judge. This book articulates a business strategy that has made Mr. Welch an icon and a guru and a guru and an icon (and you know how painful that can be). Be first or second in your market (or be gone)use a form a social Darwinism to only be left with the best people (get rid of the bottom 10% each year)react fasteducateeducateeducate (GE University)build serviceslook for acquisitionssix sigmareduce human touch points to reduce SG&A. Theres more of course and it is fun to read. I guarantee that each of you no matter what business you are in will think about how the things would apply and work in your environment. Just for that it is worth the price of admission....
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best business books (2) - Good Business Books from the past...

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