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bobbi brown high heels dont work - CORNER OFFICE...

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CORNER OFFICE High Heels? They Just Don’t Fit  Published: January 23, 2010 This interview with  Bobbi Brown,  founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, was  conducted and condensed by  Adam Bryant.   Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, says she wears sneakers because they're comfortable, but also because she wants employees to “understand who they're working for.” Q.  How do you hire? A.  When I interview someone, I know in the first two minutes if I like them  or not. I find that if it’s easy to talk to someone and I see an openness and  honesty and integrity, then I usually hire them. Q.  Tell me more about what you’re looking for. A.  I don’t think about interviewing them for work. I first try to understand  who they are as people. I usually have someone’s résumé, but I never look  at it until they sit down. Then I say, “O.K., take me through the résumé.” The most important thing is people need to be themselves. And someone  could be totally, on paper, perfect for the job. But they might not have the  openness, the vision. I like when people bring energy, creativity, newness to  me. Q.   What else?
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A.  Communicating. To me, this is probably the biggest thing. If it’s the right  person, I can barely speak and they understand what I’m saying. But if it’s 
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bobbi brown high heels dont work - CORNER OFFICE...

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